Customized WordPress Development

Do you need a customized WordPress plugin or theme? Trust our experts. Our team can develop it for you.

Web Design Tailored to Your Business

We do not only specialize in WordPress development. Our team of experts also do customized ASP.NET (C#) and PHP web applications.. We create websites ranging from simple online landing pages to complex interactive and dynamic applications.

Our sites are well-designed and adhere to industry standards and best practices ensuring you will be found by your customers whoever they are.

What are our fees?

First, we will have to agree on the scope of the project. Blocks base charge is US$995.00. Complexity and duration is another pricing factor. We charge US$100 per day. For out-of-scoped items, we charge US$200 per day.

Example 1: You need a simple customized WordPress theme for your online publication. We spend 2 days developing it. You review our work and like some modifications that is within scope. We take another 2 days. We will bill you US$1395.00 (US$995 + [2 x US$100] + [2 x US$100]).

Example 2: You want a complex online dating web application built that charges users a subscription fee. After having agreed on the scope of the project, we spend 30 days developing it. You want more features not scoped in our agreement and we spend 10 days developing it. We will bill you US$5995 (US$995 + [30 x US$100] + [10 x US$200]).

Need more information, some advice or rather talk first? Just send us an email at [email protected].